Parenting Tips in Toddlers


Your baby just turned one years old in life, and now has officially become a toddler. As you continue on to parent hood, you will continue to explore your toddler more and more as the months roll by.

You have gotten through your baby’s first year of life, and have gained lots of experience, but parenting tips will still be needed as you enter a new phase of parent hood. Parenting tips in toddlers will show you plenty of tips and key reminders that you will need to apply with your toddler from the time they turn one til three years of age.

Toddler hood

Toddler hood is from the time your little one turns one until the time they become three years of age. This age group is known to be called ‘the tantrum throwers’. These toddlers go through plenty of milestones called developmental milestones that are important for you and your baby to see and experience.

They will continue to explore their surroundings even more, and take in whatever they can see. They will also become more familiar with names of people and objects. During this new phase of life, toddlers will recognize themselves and gain confidence more.

Being positive

When it comes to your toddler, sure it can be tough some times in handling your little one as they further explore their surroundings. Just try your best and try to stay positive as this will help your toddler learn what can and cannot be done. Here are some positive parenting tips you can try to share.

  • Take a bus ride or field trip: This will help with your little one’s curiosity and will encourage their ability to recognize common subjects.
  • Respond to behavior: Respond to good behavior from your little one. If unwanted behavior is present, show your little one what should be done instead.
  • Encourage independence growth: Let your little one help with feeding, bathing, and dressing up.
  • Encourage with language development: Help your little one in language development by adding words that your little has started.
  • Encourage your little one to try to explore new things in general.
  • Play games: Sorting and simple puzzle games are great to handle at this age.
  • Read to your little one daily if your can.
  • Ask your little one to find an object for you or ask them to name an object or body part.

Staying safe

This is the time when your toddler will start to walk and eventually master walking. They will continue to be curious little creatures, and will want to grab and pick at anything they see. Here are a few safety tips you should consider for your little one, and do not take it lightly.

  • Car seat should be rear-faced: Always have your little one’s car seat rear-faced for as long as possible until they reach the limits to the car seat manufacturer recommendations.
  • Store away and lock up any sort of weaponry.
  • Do not leave your little one in a vehicle: Never leave your little one alone in any sort of vehicle alone at any time or period of length.
  • Lock up medications: Store and lock up any medicine, household cleaning supplies, and even poison items.
  • Keep sharp objects away: Place out of reach or store far away sharp items such as scissors, knives, pens, or similar household items.
  • Keep household appliances out of reach: All household appliances should be far away from your little’s reach. Turn pot handles and face towards the back of the stove.
  • Toddler proof your home: Be sure to place plug covers on all unused electrical outlets.
  • Have gates ready to go: Place a gate wherever you have stairs, or you can place gates to seclude off an area to keep your little one in one area. Do not forget to lock doors to areas you do not want your little one to go to.
  • Do not leave your little one near open water: Never leave your little near open water unattended unless you or someone else has full supervision.

Staying healthy

Your toddler during this new phase of life will want to try new foods, have all the energy in the world, be persistence, and sleep whenever they want. Just try to go with the flow, and not be hard on your little one. Establish a schedule, stick to it, and be persistent yourself. Here are a few tips to consider and apply.

  • Establish a sleep schedule: Make sure your little one gets 11-14 hours within a 24 hr period. Most of these hours will come during the night, and then a couple hours during the daytime for naps.
  • Let your little one stay active: Let your little one continue to be active as they continue to develop coordination and muscle.
  • Limit screen time: Limit any screens that are on throughout the day for your little one. It is recommended to keep screen time to a very minimal til the age of 18 months of age.
  • Offer healthy food choices: Your little one will not be growing as fast during these years, so offer a variety of healthy foods. Do not go against your little one as they might be picky eaters. They will adjust soon as time goes by.
  • Offer your little one water and milk: Offer your little one water and milk instead drinks that pack with sugar. Milk will still be the recommended choice of beverage.

Be in control

As this new phase of life rolls through, parent hood will be tested as toddlers will face off their parents and their reactions. Your little one is going to want to do many things on their own, and then they will want to do things with you as well. Just try to be patient, and offer your care and love for them when you can.

At the same time you would want to establish a schedule or routine for your little one to follow as this can become important in what you would want for your little to be doing during a certain time period of the day. Be consistent, persistent, and in control of the situation.

I hope you have enjoyed reading parenting tips in toddlers, and please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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